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Redskins Vs. Eagles: Redskins Prevail 17-12 On DeAngelo Hall's Hail Mary Interception

The Redskins sure do like drama. In a game where they started off with a 14-0 lead, scoring on every possession in the first half, Washington allowed the Eagles to come back. The Eagles were driving with a chance to win, but the Redskins defense held strong. An interception in the end zone by DeAngelo Hall on a final Hail Mary pass from Kevin Kolb gave the Redskins a 17-12 victory.

The Redskins gave away several chances to end the game earlier. A holding penalty on Stephon Heyer when the Redskins were killing the clock on second and three gave the Eagles new life. And earlier on the final drive, Carlos Rodgers dropped a Kolb throw that hit him in the hands.

In the end, the Redskins were victorious, and gave Donovan McNabb just a bit of sweet revenge against the team that deemed him expendable this offseason.