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Redskins Vs. Lions: DeAngelo Hall Intercepts Matthew Stafford In The End Zone

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After seeing DeAngelo Hall pick off four passes against the Chicago Bears last weekend, you'd think teams would be worried about throwing the ball his way. Instead, the Detroit Lions decided to challenge him - and failed.

Hall got yet another interception just now, picking off Matthew Stafford's intended pass for Calvin Johnson in the end zone. Stafford decided to throw a deep ball to Johnson, but underthrew it, allowing Hall to leap up and snag the ball. It's Hall's sixth interception of the season, which ties a career high.

Hall's interception was tremendously important because the Redskins' offense has been awful thus far. Donovan McNabb has already slipped on the field twice, and the leaky offensive line has allowed the Lions to get pressure on him. The Lions were even able to get a sack with only three men rushing the quarterback. The Redskins have just one first down and have already punted three times early in the first quarter.