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Redskins Vs. Lions: Big Kickoff Return Leads To Ryan Torain Touchdown

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In a game where offense has been hard to come by, special teams once again set up a touchdown. This time, it was Redskins dynamo Brandon Banks who did the deed, as he's done many times this season.

Banks ran the Lions' kickoff back 47 yards, and running back Ryan Torain got into the end zone from six yards out three plays later to tie the game at 7. The Redskins also got a long 36-yard run from Donovan McNabb on the first play of the drive, and McNabb delivered a well-executed screen pass to Torain on the touchdown. 

The Redskins' offense is still struggling, considering it took a 36-yard quarterback run and a gimmick screen pass to get into the end zone, but they'll take it considering how poorly they have played this afternoon. As bad as it's been, the score is still 7-7. There is plenty of time for the Redskins to pick things up and take control of this game.