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Redskins Vs. Lions: Chris Horton And Phillip Daniels Injured

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The Redskins dodged a bullet earlier as a potentially dangerous injury to Pro Bowler Brian Orakpo didn't amount to much. Orakpo returned to the field on the next Lions possession.

The injuries continue to mount for Washington though. On back to back plays, the Redskins had to watch their training staff come onto the field to address injuries to defenders.

First Chris Horton had to be removed after he made a tackle on Stefan Logan on a kick return. The training staff has been looking at his left leg as he remains on the sidelines.

On the very next play, consistent veteran defensive ends Phillip Daniels stayed down on the field. Fortunately, Daniels was able to walk off the field on his own power, and appears to not be seriously injured. This does however continue to be a scary situation for the Redskins.

It almost makes you wonder who's next.