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Redskins Vs. Lions: Calvin Johnson's Second Touchdown Gives Detroit A 20-19 Lead

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When Keiland Williams plowed in for a go-ahead touchdown, it looked like the Washington Redskins were firmly in control. It didn't take long for the Detroit Lions to respond.

Taking advantage of a short field once again, the Lions put together a nice drive that culminated in a second receiving touchdown for Calvin Johnson. Quarterback Matthew Stafford found Johnson from seven yards out, giving the Lions a 20-19 lead. The Lions failed to convert on a two-point conversion, keeping the Redskins down by just one point.

The Lions' drive began with yet another special teams blunder. The Redskins tried kicking short, but fullback Jerome Felton picked it up and took it back 37 yards. The Lions got a key third-down conversion on a pass to Johnson, and then scored when DeAngelo Hall gave Johnson too much of a cushion on the touchdown. Johnson has abused Hall all afternoon, and that continued on that last drive.