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Redskins Vs. Lions: Calvin Johnson Scores His Third Touchdown Of The Game

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The best player on the field today without a doubt has been Calvin Johnson.

Johnson grabbed his third touchdown of the game, a career record for him, to give the Lions a lead late in the fourth quarter. This was the fifth lead change of the game.

The Lions started with the ball on Washington's 37-yard line after an interception by cornerback Alfonso Smith. Donovan McNabb had targeted Anthony Armstrong on the play, but Smith, who has four interceptions in his last five games, jumped the route and fought the ball away from Armstrong. It was not a pretty throw by McNabb, as Armstrong had four Lions within a few feet of him.

Detroit then used 4:32 of clock time driving the ball down the field. The drive was extended by yet another costly penalty on the Redskins. Just when the Lions seemed to be losing momentum, a penalty on Kareem Moore gave the team yet another first down.

Following Johnson's touchdown grab, the Lions elected to go for two. They converted to increase their lead to three points as Matthew Stafford found Bryant Johnson in the end zone.