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Redskins Vs. Lions: Brandon Banks' 96-Yard Kickoff Return Gives Washington The Lead

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Brandon Banks has clearly been the Redskins MVP this game. He's set the Redskins up with great field position a number of times, and had a 95-yard kickoff return called back due to a penalty. Now, we know for sure that Banks has been the key for Washington.

Banks finally broke one, racing 96 yards on a kickoff return to give the Redskins a 25-20 lead. He found a seam right away and made an excellent move on the kicker to take the ball outside and go to the end zone. This time, there were no flags on the play.

It's the first time a Redskins player has returned a kick for a touchdown since 2006, when Rock Cartwright ran one back for 100 yards against the Dallas Cowboys. It's pretty unbelievable to think that Banks was nearly cut out of training camp. Mike Shanahan has found some diamonds in the rough in the past, and it's clear Banks is the latest.