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VIDEO: Rex Grossman Fumbles On His First Play Of 2010

When your team is down by one score with under two minutes remaining and your starting quarterback has led his team on 23 game-winning drives in his career, it's probably best to give him a shot, right?

Mike Shanahan disagrees.

Shanahan elected to remove Donovan McNabb from the game and instead to turn to Rex Grossman, the backup quarterback who had yet to play a single snap in 2010.

Looking back on it now, the results were somewhat, um, comical.

Grossman was hit by Kyle Vanden Bosch and fumbled the ball on his very first play. Rookie defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh recovered and ran the ball in for the backbreaking score.

If it's possible to find humor in the situation, you might want to look to the image of the generously listed 209-pound Santana Moss attempting to tackle the 307-pound Suh. Not even a fair fight.