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Morning Commute: The Return Of The Redskins' Ground Game

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I guess I shouldn't call it a return, since it hasn't really been here before at any point this season. Maybe it's more appropriate to call it an appearance, or an arrival.

On Sunday against the Eagles, the Redskins ran the ball 35 times and averaged a more than respectable 4.8 yards per carry. They got the lead early by handing the ball off, and they didn't stray too far away from that game plan while they were busy salting the game away late.

The game's biggest surprise was Ryan Torrain, who ran for 70 yards on 18 carries, and the game's opening touchdown; which was so crucial because it was the first step in totally eliminating the crowd, and the potential impact they can make. Clinton Portis ran about as well as we've seen him run this year, and managed to stay on his feet until contact for the entire 60 minutes.

Over the first few weeks of the season I've been hard on the Redskins ground game, so I wanted to be the first to point out when they've done something right. The Redskins used the running game to control the clock as best they could, and with the help of a very strong defensive effort, allowed them to hold on to the lead they built early in the game.

When their offense is balanced like that, the Redskins are not an easy team to play against.

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