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Redskins Vs. Eagles: Mike Shanahan Says Ryan Torain Won't Be Going Back To Practice Squad

It takes a lot for a coach to devote a ton of praise to a player who was on the practice squad two weeks ago, but Ryan Torain's 18-carry, 70-yard, one touchdown performance in yesterday's win over the Eagles was enough for Mike Shanahan. During his weekly Monday press conference, Shanahan said simply that Torain will not be going back down to the practice squad again this year. 

"I can guarantee you he will not be placed on the practice squad again this season," Shanahan said.

Shanahan added that the team put him on the practice squad hoping nobody would snag him, saying they would have been "heartbroken" if someone picked him up. They figured teams would pass over him because of his injury history, and they did, so the gamble paid off. If they were truly worried, they could have kept Torain on the active roster from day 1, but that's neither here nor there.

Other notes:

  • The back Torain replaced, Clinton Portis, is awaiting results on an MRI taken today on his injured groin, according to Shanahan. Shanahan said Portis ran "exceptionally" before he got hurt.
  • Shanahan praised Albert Haynesworth's play, saying this was "by far" the best game he's played since Shanahan took over. "The more he plays like that, the more he'll play," Shanahan said.
  • Shanahan on Trent Williams, who missed his second straight game yesterday: "I can't say for sure, but I would be surprised if he's not ready for Wednesday."
  • Shanahan said Donovan McNabb still has a slightly sore quad that he reaggravated on a scramble where he should have gone out of bounds in the fourth quarter.