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Morning Commute: Redskins Depth Chart At Wide Receiver

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At this point, it seems very possible that the Redskins will move Devin Thomas before the trade deadline. If that move happens, the Redskins depth at Wide Receiver will be soooooo much worse then it was this summer when we considered them to have problems at that position.

This summer, the plan was to have Santana Moss as the main man, with hopefully emerging youngsters Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas backing him up. Mike Furrey and Joey Galloway were brought in to add a veteran influence, and provide even more depth.

If Thomas is traded, he will join Kelly and Furrey as players no longer a part of that rotation. The depth behind Moss will consist of Galloway, Anthony Armstrong, Brandon Banks, Roydell Williams and whomever the team decides to sign off the scrap heap.

That is a terrifying lack of depth. Remember all those years Donovan McNabb toiled away in Philadelphia without any wide receivers to throw it to? I bet he didn't realize he'd have to relive those years again.

Save for a big trade that brings in Vincent Jackson, the Redskins can do little to improve their depth this season. Giving up on Thomas reminds us of the real reason the Redskins are so thin there. They simply have to do a better job at drafting wide receivers.

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