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The Redskins Shouldn't Be Asking That Much For Devin Thomas

Now that the Albert Haynesworth drama has finally died down in Ashburn, attention has been turned to the ongoing saga of Devin Thomas, who can't get off the bench for the Redskins to play wide receiver and has been reduced to the role of return specialist. Thomas' tenure on the team this year has been muddled, with Thomas openly questioning his role on the team, as well as news that the Redskins have been attempting to shop the former second round pick.

So what is Devin Thomas worth?

If the recent trade of Randy Moss to the Vikings is any indication....than not much. Moss, one of the most prolific wide receivers in NFL history, only netted the New England Patriots a third-round draft pick.  Moss has been the 1A receiver in every offense in which he has featured, while Thomas' time on the Redskins has been marred with erratic performance and a failure to seize a starting role.

Mike Jones of TBD goes into a bit more depth on the subject, and further illustrates how the market for wide receivers has left the Redskins in a bind:

Washington is likely stuck with Thomas. Their asking price for him is unknown, but they definitely won't get any value for him. If teams weren't willing to give up the second and third picks that the Chargers were asking for Vincent Jackson, and if Minnesota only had to give up a third-round pick for Moss, who is even better than Jackson, they definitely won't give anything for Thomas.

The lesson is that no team is wiling to pay for potential, no matter how high a a player has been formerly drafted. Failing to play Thomas only decreases his value, and creates a scenario where the Redskins will be forced to either play Thomas to increase his value or cut him and give his roster spot to a player who can contribute more to the team. If Thomas were to be cut, it would be the final nail in the coffin of the legacy of Vinny Cerrato, who would have little to show for his vaunted "offense first" draft.