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Brandon Banks Could Return For Game Against Philadelphia Eagles, According To Mike Shanahan

When it was reported that Redskins special teams dynamo Brandon Banks had to undergo knee surgery, it was originally assumed that he'd miss 2-3 weeks. However, in his press conference today, Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said he may actually be able to play against the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday night.

Via Mike Jones of TBD:

"There's a chance," said Shanahan, who usually tries to disclose as little as possible about injuries because he doesn't want to clue in opponents. "A lot has to do with his size. Not as much weight on that knee. We're keeping our fingers crossed. He's working pretty hard. He's going through rehab and is on the treadmill. He was on the treadmill to do, got some good work in. It's a good sign. Not much swelling."    

Shanahan's explanation? Banks is small, so his bones healed faster. Via CSN's Ryan O'Halloran.

Five quickies from Shanahan. 1. Said Banks' size (155 lbs) could speed up his return from surgery. Would be less than 2 weeks post surgery.    

Considering Shanahan's vagueness with injury updates in the past, most reporters seem to think this is just a show of gamesmanship toward Banks and the Eagles. Shanahan said he would know for sure later in the week.