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Report: Donovan McNabb Contract Extension Not 'Imminent,' As Report Seemed To Indicate

In light of all the drama with Donovan McNabb recently, it seems improbable that he would be getting closer to signing a contract extension with the Redskins. However, a report by Josina Anderson, a Denver reporter, indicated otherwise. Here's what she posted on her Twitter account on Friday.

Breaking: Sources familiar with contract extension talks betweeen the Washington Redskins and Donovan McNabb indicate that negotiations are now on a faster track than previously reported. "The Redskins are anxious to get a deal done." However sources also indicate that the recent controversy surrounding both parties angered McNabb's camp and still could derail the completion of this contract from McNabb's standpoint. Ultimately, at this specific time, the tone now is that McNabb's contract extension could get done sooner rather than later from what was  previously expected.

If you're wondering why a Denver reporter would get this information, join the club. But as it turns out, the report doesn't seem to be true. CSN Washington's Ryan O'Halloran talks to a couple sources who said the report isn't true.

Two league sources refuted a Denver television station's report Friday that a contract extension for Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb was on "the fast track."

"I've heard ‘fast track' before, haven't you?" a source said. "It's not imminent."    

Another source also said that neither side is concerned by the pace of the negotiations.