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Huh? Mike Shanahan Wants To Coach The Cowboys?

Yesterday, Tim MacMahon of had the news that more than one former Super Bowl winning coach had reached out to Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones about the possibility of being the team's next head coach.

That's fine. It shouldn't be surprising that Jon Gruden or Bill Cowher or Brian Billick might give Jones a call to see what his plans might be for the position.

What is a surprise though is the report today that Mike Shanahan may have been one of those Super Bowl coaches who made the call. Actually, "report" might be too strong a word, since the strongest language in Mike Florio's story is the following:

Some have speculated that, if Jones is sweeping more broadly than the 2010 regular season, former Broncos coach Mike Shanahan could also have been one of the guys who inquired about the job.

So now not only are the Redskins going to lose their new quarterback Donovan McNabb in the offseason, they're also going to lose their new coach?

No. Probably not. This all sounds like posturing by Jones to me. How better to drive up the interest in the position than by claiming that several others are also interested?

The Cowboys need to be more concerned with their own mess of a season and awful coaching situation. Leave our guy alone.