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Report: Redskins, Donovan McNabb 'Discussing Parameters' Of A Four-Year Contract Extension

A contract extension for Donovan McNabb with the Washington Redskins may not be "imminent," but it looks like there is more progress being made than originally anticipated. It appears the Redskins may be willing to move forward long-term with McNabb despite benching him in the final two minutes in their 37-25 loss to the Detroit Lions on October 31.

ESPN's Adam Schefteris reporting that McNabb's agent, Fletcher Smith, will be in Washington on Monday night to meet with the Redskins' brass about a contract extension for McNabb. According to Schefter, the new contract would be for four years.

Redskins and Donovan McNabb have been discussing the parameters of a four-year extension, the same length of Tom Brady's deal in NE.    

While the relationship between McNabb and Mike Shanahan may be murky, McNabb has received a lot of support from management during the season. On Friday, ESPN 980's Chris Russell reported that while an extension is not "imminent," the talks were "fluid" on both sides. It looks like the Redskins would like to keep McNabb, and it also looks like McNabb wants to stay in D.C.