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Morning Commute: Donovan McNabb Vs. His Former Team, Take Two

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We got the "Donovan McNabb heads back to Philadelphia to face the team that unceremoniously shipped him off to another team in the division," story out of the way early this year. And even though tonight's battle against the Eagles doesn't have the same luster surrounding it as that game did (because it was the first) tonight's game still means a lot to McNabb and the Redskins.

If you'll remember correctly, the Redskins won that game against the Eagles, but McNabb didn't play particularly well. It was a strong running attack early and the chest destroying tackle that knocked Michael Vick out of the game that really led to a W for the Skins that day. McNabb didn't to anything to lose the game for the Redskins, but he definitely wouldn't be crediting for winning it all by his own self.

So this is a chance for McNabb to earn some personal retribution against the Eagles team that unceremoniously shipped him off to another team in the division. He's got the team angle down. The Skins beat the Eagles in their own house. And that was very nice, but now it's his turn.

If McNabb has a very good game against the Eagles tonight, and does so in a way that propels the Redskins to a victory, the game will have a completely different type of feel; particularly with all the stuff that has been going on with him over the last two weeks.

As much as McNabb had on the line last time the Redskins played the Eagles, this game could be more important. He doesn't just have to justify himself to the organization that traded him, he also has to prove himself to the organization he currently plays for. This could be a big week for Donovan.

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