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Donovan McNabb's Contract Extension: Where His New Salary Ranks With His Peers

First, the caveats. One, NFL Contracts are funky, confusing things that are highly contextual and very complicated. Secondly, there's a lockout upcoming, which could change everything. Finally, there's also the fact that the Redskins have figured out ways around the cap in the past to overcome their spending ways. I get this.

But in light of Donovan McNabb signing a five-year, $78 million contract extension ($40 million guaranteed) with the Washington Redskins at age 34, it's still worth pointing out just how staggering a financial commitment the Redskins are making. Here are the current contracts of 20 comporable NFL quarterbacks, ranked by guaranteed money. Again, there's an obvious caveat here: these contracts were signed at different times, some when the market for quarterbacks was much less than it is currently. But Redskins fans worried about this news should probably shield their eyes.

  1. Sam Bradford: Six years, $78 million, $50 million guaranteed
  2. Tom Brady: Five years, $78.5 million, $48.5 million guaranteed.
  3. Matthew Stafford: Six years, $72 million, $41.75 million guaranteed.
  4. Carson Palmer: Six years, $118.75 million. 
  5. Donovan McNabb: Five years, $78 million, $40 million guaranteed.
  6. Phillip Rivers: Seven years, $98.25 million, $38.15 million guaranteed.
  7. Peyton Manning: Seven years, $98 million, $35.5 million guaranteed
  8. Eli Manning: Seven years, $106.9 million, $35 million guaranteed
  9. Ben Roethlisberger: Eight years, $102 million, $33.2 million guaranteed
  10. Tony Romo: Six years, $67.4 million, $30 million guaranteed.
  11. Matt Ryan: Six years, $66 million, $34.75 million guaranteed.
  12. Mark Sanchez: Five years, $44 million, $28 million guaranteed.
  13. Vince Young: Six years, $58 million, $25.74 million guaranteed.
  14. Matt Schaub: Six years, $48 million, $24.3 guaranteed.
  15. Matt Cassell: Six years, $63 million, $23 million guaranteed.
  16. Jay Cutler: Five years, $49.7 million, $20 million guaranteed. 
  17. Aaron Rodgers: Six years, $65 million, $20 million guaranteed.
  18. Drew Brees: Six years, $60 million, $20 million guaranteed.
  19. David Garrard: Six years, $60 million, $18 million guaranteed.
  20. Brett Favre, One year, $16 million, $4.4 million guaranteed.

Brady is probably the best comparison for McNabb right now. Two months ago, Brady received a new five-year, $78.5 million contract with $48.5 million guaranteed. Brady is 33 years old and has 17 touchdowns and four interceptions this year, with a 64.5 percent completion percentage and a quarterback rating of 98.8, for a 7-2 team. McNabb is 34 years old and has seven touchdowns and eight interceptions this year, with a 57.4 percent completion percentage and a quarterback rating of 76, for a 4-4 team. You tell me which is the better bargain.

(Thanks to Rotoworld for the salary figures).