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Eagles vs. Redskins: Eagles keep the momentum going as Michael Vick runs for TD

Through the first five minutes of the first quarter, it continues to be the Michael Vick show.  

After stunning the Redskins with an 88 yard touchdown pass to DeSean Jackson in the opening seconds of the first quarter, Vick kept the pressure on by running for a 7 yard touchdown after a Redskins three and out. Vick scrambled to his right, weaving his way past Redskins defenders as he dove across the goal line for his third rushing touchdown of the season, giving the Eagles a quick 14-0 lead.

And while Vick is off to a hot start, his counterpart, Donovan McNabb, is struggling. On his first drive, McNabb and company continued their third down struggles as the offense went three and out, allowing the Eagles get another quick possession.

With all the talk of McNabb before this game, it is Vick who is coming out and making a strong statement.