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Eagles vs. Redskins: Philly Pouring It On as Vick throws third TD, Eagles up 35-0


It has gone from bad to worse for the Redskins. Nine seconds into the second quarter, the Redskins trail the Eagles 35-0 in what is shaping up to be a historic rout.

Michael Vick dropped back and hit Jeremy Macklin for a 48 yard touchdown on the first play of the second quarter. Vick's stat line so far? Nine for nine for 229 yards and three touchdowns.

Macklin made the acrobatic catch, diving backwards across the pylon and into the endzone to give the Eagles a five touchdown lead. The play was challenged by Mike Shanahan, but the touchdown stood up.

The Redskins defense have to be shell shocked at this point, as they are on pace to allow one of their highest point totals in franchise history.  The Redskins defensive film review will likely be a depressing one, as almost every key member of the Redskins defense has been guilty of bad coverage, or missed tackles.