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The Redskins And Eagles Exchange Words, But The Redskins Forget To Play The First Half

Before a highly-charged Monday Night Football matchup between two division rivals, it wouldn't be a surprise if tempers were to flare. They certainly did tonight before the Redskins faced off against the Eagles, but the Redskins decided not to show up for the rest of the game, as the Eagles lead 45-14 at halftime.

The Redskins' display after trash-talking reminds us of another recent beatdown.

Last week, boxer Antonio Margarito poked fun at Freddie Roach, the trainer of Margarito's opponent, Manny Pacquiao. Roach suffers from Parkinson's Disease and suffice to say, Pacquiao didn't take too kindly to those fighting words. So Pacquiao let his actions speak louder than Margarito's words and defeated him in a lopsided fight (and even broke Margarito's orbital bone).

The Eagles not only broke the Redskins' proverbial orbital bone. They broke the 'Skin's entire face in a historic first quarter. Perhaps the Redskins will think twice before getting in another team's grill. Pointing to the scoreboard is much more poignant.

(Thanks to SB Nation's Mike Tunison for the video)