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Eagles vs. Redskins: 'Skins Attempt to Stay in it as McNabb Throws Second TD, Down 35-14


The Redskins are slowly crawling back into this game. After the defense finally forced a Philly punt, the Redskins offense got a spark when Anthony Armstrong caught a 76 yard completion to set up the Redskins second touchdown of the night.

The Redskins cut into the lead when Donovan McNabb threw his second touchdown pass to Keiland Williams. Williams made a strong second effort to cross the goal line to help cut the Eagles lead to 21. 

Whatever funk McNabb was in during the first quarter, he appears to be out of it. McNabb has been on fire on the last two drives, going 4 for 4 for 156 yards with two touchdowns.

With the score being what it is, it might be crazy to say that the momentum is back with the Redskins, but the last two drives have energized the crowd as well as the team. If they continue to score at this pace, it could be a game to remember.