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Eagles vs. Redskins: Eagles Keep it Going as Michael Vick Throws 4th Touchdown, Giving Philly 52-21 Lead


While the Philidelphia Eagles are enjoying Michael Vick's best game as a pro, the Redskins can only shake their head in disappointment. Vick threw his fourth touchdown pass of the game in the third quarter to Jason Avant in the back of the endzone. 

The Redskins defense allowed yet another long drive against the Philly offense. The Eagles went 71 yards in 11 plays, with Michael Vick continuing to torch the Redskins both with his arm and his legs. The non existant Redskins pass rush reared it's ugly head time after time as Vick had an eternity in the pocket, and no play exemplified that more than the touchdown which capped the drive. Vick rolled to his right,  and had plenty of time to survey the field as he finally spotted Avant in the back of the endzone. 

Unfortunately for the Redskins and their fans, it's still the third quarter.