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Terrell Owens Bashes The Donovan McNabb Extension, Wale Responds

It seems that everyone has an opinion about tonight's game. After Donovan McNabb's dismal effort against his former team, the Philadelphia Eagles, just hours after signing a contract extension, a former teammate decided to chime in.


Terrell Owens was not impressed with McNabb's performance (I guess there were no tears shed over the man that was once his quarterback).

How do u justify a 78 million dollar contract w/this type of performance?less than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter


Someone took offense to Owens' diss. That would be D.C.'s own Wale, who, unlike other D.C. residents (who also happen to play for the Redskins), is not afraid to wear a Curly W on his head and rep the District. Wale stood up for McNabb.

@terrellowens whats yall record???? oh thats rightless than a minute ago via web


Wale is just pointing out the fact that even though the Redskins dropped to 4-5, the Bengals are 2-7. Perhaps T.O. could invite Wale onto his sports talk program, "The T.Ocho Show," which he shares with Cincinnati Bengals teammate Chad Ochocinco and have their own Matt Lauer/Kanye West moment