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Eagles Vs. Redskins: DeAngelo Hall, LaRon Landry Reportedly Taunted DeSean Jackson For Concussion Before Game

We noted earlier how the Redskins and Eagles got into it before the game, trading words with each other. We also noted how the Eagles backed up their talk with their play. But one central question remains: what happened to provoke that fight?

Now, we might have an idea. According to Jay Glazer of FOX Sports, the fight began when LaRon Landry and DeAngelo Hall taunted DeSean Jackson about his concussion suffered earlier in the season. 

Sources say landry and deangelo hall were taunting desean jackson b4 warmups, mocking him getting concussed. Payback's a bitch isn't it?    

The Comcast Sports Net postgame show in Philadelphia filled in more details. Via The 700 Level:

CSN's Derrick Gunn mentioned on Post Game Live that the Redskins' players were saying things like "night, night" while doing pillow gestures under their heads as Jackson walked by, seemingly mocking his brutal concussion just a few weeks ago. The Eagles players said they felt this was disrespectful.     

Jackson, of course, did the smart thing and responded with his play, torching Hall and Landry for an 88-yard touchdown on the game's first play.

It's hard for me to really judge the content of a teams' trash talking, since so many insensitive things are said in the heat of a battle. But clearly, Hall and Landry deserve to be heavily criticized for making light of something as serious as a concussion, much less for how they backed up their talk.