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Albert Haynesworth Falls Down, Rather Humorously

Because he's an easy target, it's natural to bash Albert Haynesworth whenever things go bad for the Redskins. Truth be told, he has made a difference in many more games than I expected entering the season, and he still can be a very good pass rusher.

But he's also big, a bad fit for this defense and a guy who doesn't give maximum effort on every play. Take, for example, this play from last night's blowout loss to the Eagles. Haynesworth sort of tried to rush Michael Vick, and he ... well, he fell down on his own accord. Oh, and then he stayed down, because clearly there was absolutely nothing he could do on the play once he tripped, right?

Naturally, Vick got a big run out of the play, keeping the drive alive on third down. Not that it would have mattered anyway, but it would have been nice to get that stop.

Video below the jump. Thanks to Jon Bois of for it.