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Chris Cooley On The Redskins' Loss: 'I'm Repulsed By The Way We Played'

As long as the Washington Redskins players are going through the same 10 Stages of Grief as us fans are, we're going to point out where pretty much all the players on the team are at emotionally following last night's 59-28 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. Some players were defensive, some were reflective and some were apologetic. We haven't yet found a player that's angry.

That is, until now. Chris Cooley went on The LaVar Arrington Show With Chad Dukes on 106.7 The Fan this afternoon, and he came out firing. Choosing his words carefully and sounding like he was shaken, Cooley said that he was "repulsed" by how the team played. 

"I have never had something like that happen to me. There are no words. I'm repulsed by the way we played, by the way the game unfolded, to a team that we beat earlier in the season."

(More below the jump. Also, we'd be remiss to not mention Dukes' epic rant to begin the show, which you can find here).

More Cooley:

"It was like Ohio State playing Idaho State. It was that bad." "The one thing I know is that we didn't quit playing.  They just outplayed us that much."

What is our real character?  If we have guys that care, we'll go to work tomorrow.  You have to put it past you.  We can't cry about it all week and go get our ass kicked in Tennessee.  Everyone's got to show up and everyone's got to get over it.  

"I have a hard time criticizing the defense, but just from watching the game, it was just a disgrace. It was embarrassing. Philly put on a show, and it was at our expense."

On the offensive line: "We struggled up front the last few weeks.  I think that everyone expected the learning curve to be quicker.  I don't think guys we have are just getting beat. They haven't grown together enough to level off some blitzes and sort out some issues up front.  You want it to happen.  You want a line to just come together.  I think we have potential there.  I think we have good players, but we're struggling big time up front right now.  Teams see what's going on.  They're going to keep blitzing us, they're going to keep bringing pressure on us.  For us to be able to throw the ball, we're going to have to be able to protect."

On the defense: "There were holes everywhere on our defense.  Throughout the season, our defense has given up a ton of yards. They've been able to prevent teams from scoring a ton of points, but at some point, it catches up with you.  When you give up so many yards every week, people are going to start scoring. I didn't feel like we tackled very well, and other than that, there were holes everywhere.

Listen to the whole thing here