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Morning Commute: Looking Ahead, Because I Don't Want To Look Back Anymore

Monday Night happened. There is no changing that. We can't retroactively go back and formulate a gameplan to stop Michael Vick. I'm not even sure that would be possible even knowing what we know now; that's how well he played.

We can sit here and complain about Shanahan, McNabb, the defensive secondary, Albert Haynesworth's mid-game nap, pretty much everyone wearing burgundy on Monday night, but it won't accomplish anything. There is no changing that result.

So let's look ahead. The Redskins are back at it this weekend in the early game against the Titans. The Titans have a great pass rush, a very strong running game, and have recently added Randy Moss to a struggling pass attack (Well at least we'll know that part will be bad for them).

The Titans are just a game over .500. It will not be an easy game against them, but it is possible that they win. The best way to get over a terrible loss is a win. No amount of talking and second-guessing will be able to do it. So let's just forget about what happened on Monday, and look ahead to Sunday. How are we going to beat these Titans?

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