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Albert Haynesworth Just Sort Of Hanging Out During The Eagles Game

We all saw the clip of Albert Haynesworth lying on the ground while the Eagles scored their 374th touchdown on the Redskins on Monday. If you didn't then you can see it here. If you can forget for a second that the Skins are paying him millions upon millions of dollars and that this was in the midst of one of the most embarrassing performances you'll ever see, it's pretty funny.

But anyone who can't look past the context of that event is pretty upset about it, and rightfully so. When asked about it over Twitter, fellow defensive lineman Phillip Daniels had this to say, via DC Sports Bog.

@ngupta388 Believe me. That kind of stuff will be addressed.less than a minute ago via Touiteur

But don't worry everyone and Phillip Daniels, Haynesworth totally had a good reason for lying on the ground on that play, we are all sooooo gonna be laughing about this in a few minutes.

As you might have guessed, it totally wasn't Haynesworth's fault that he was lying on the ground during that play. There one, maybe two even(!), reasons that Haynesworth felt it was appropriate to lounge around in the middle of an NFL play that resulted in a touchdown being scored on his team.

Haynesworth said he stayed on the ground for the Avant TD because he suffered a charlie horse and thought he heard the whistle blow.less than a minute ago via twidroid

Nothing sounds more like the truth than two unrelated events being strung together to form a very fragile explanation for a seemingly inexplicable event. But why stop there? Other reasons Haynesworth could have been lying on the ground:

  • "I Thought he saw that contact lens Joey Galloway lost in week 2."
  • "Is that a four leaf clover? I mean how many of those do you get to see? I'm going to make sure i don't lose it's place in the grass so I can - no wait it's just three."
  • "Has anyone taken a moment to just smell the fresh rain coming off the blades of grass? These are the moments, people. These are the moments I'm glad to be alive."
  • "I thought I felt a spider crawling on me. Paralyzed with fear."
  • "If I had turned over I think LaRon Landry would have spit in my face."
  • "I was tying the offensive lineman's shoe. Sure, we're competing against one another, but there is no reason we can't show basic human compassion here."

Any combination of those would work as an excuse also.