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Mike Shanahan Responds To Reports That He is Displeased With Donovan McNabb's Practice Habits

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Mike Shanahan just spoke to the media and responded to reports that he was displeased with the way Donovan McNabb conducts himself in practice. On the surface he appears to shut down those claims, but after reading what he said a few times, I'm not so sure.

Mike Shanahan says way too many rumors and speculation, likes McNabb's tempo and practice habits, says he wouldn't share it with us.less than a minute ago via Twitter for Android

So at first he says he is pleased with McNabb's work ethic, but then he immediately says that if he wasn't happy with it that he wouldn't tell the media. I feel like that kind of discredits what he said about liking McNabb's habits in the first place.

I appreciate his efforts to keep everything in house, but his attempt at transparency totally discredits what he is trying to do. I'm not saying that Shanahan actually doesn't like the way McNabb practices, I'm just saying that I'm not totally believing him when he says he has no problem with it. Why would he even include that last part unless there was something that he was deliberately not telling us?