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Clinton Portis Is Going To Moscow Over The Redskins' Bye Week

The Washington Redskins' bye week gives all the players a chance to take a break, recharge their batteries and clear their heads. That's certainly going to be a good thing for Donovan McNabb, and if we're honest, it'll definitely be a good thing for Mike Shanahan. But what about some of the other players? What about Clinton Portis?

He's going to Russia. Specifically, Moscow, which, you might remember, is Alex Ovechkin's stomping ground. In his weekly appearance on "The Mike Wise Show, with Holden Kushner" on 106.7 The Fan, Portis said he wants to just go and chill in the cold of Moscow for a couple days.

"I think I'm going to go to Russia for a couple days," Portis said. "I don't know, I just think it'd be a pretty sweet getaway, to say I went to Russia for the bye week. Get a chance to relax in Moscow."

Kushner suggested he should go to Amsterdam instead, to which Portis said "I don't need no questions arising, no extra drug tests or anything. I want to go and chill out, have a good peace of mind. There's no one in Russia right now, so relaxing in the mountains will be great."

Oh-kay then. In actual Redskins-related items, Portis said this about the team potentially getting Randy Moss.

"I think Randy Moss is a good fit for any team," he said.  "I understand it didn't work out for the Vikings, but I think it's Randy Moss. If he wants to be the best player of the field, he is that. I think if you can get Randy Moss the opportunity here and let him go and expose corners like he's been doing his entire career, I don't know too many people you'd take in front of him."