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Kyle Shanahan Says The Redskins Told Donovan McNabb They Might Pull Him; McNabb Disagrees

You can add yet another contradiction to the list of contradictions we're hearing out of Redskins Park this week. Speaking with reporters today, offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan shot down the idea that Mike Shanahan was questioning Donovan McNabb's conditioning as a reason for him being pulled. However, he and McNabb contradicted each other on their communication leading up to gametime.

First, though, Kyle Shanahan did his best to clarify Mike Shanahan's remarks yesterday indicating McNabb's "cardiovascular endurance" was a reason he was pulled from the game. Via CSN's Ryan O'Halloran.

Kyle said his father's use of "cardiovascular endurance" as a reason why McNabb was pulled in favor of Rex Grossman, "came off wrong for him."

"I know why [the benching] happened and how we've all talked and then I hear from friends, my wife, from you guys, the ["Monday Night Football"] ticker, that's it because of ‘endurance problems,'" Kyle said. "But endurance isn't because he doesn't work hard. It's because you can't work hard when you can't go full speed.

"When you got a guy that has two pulled hamstrings, you can't go full speed, And when you can't go full speed for six days, you aren't going to be at your best. The way it came off, I felt like it was an insult to Donovan. ... To say that a guy can't be in because he isn't in shape is wrong."    

So according to Kyle Shanahan it was about McNabb's hamstrings, not his conditioning. However, here's where the confusion comes into play. Kyle Shanahan said that he actually informed McNabb that "we're going to have to go in a different direction" if "we do feel you’re struggling in the game." However, when McNabb was asked about that on his ESPN 980 show, he simply said "I didn't hear that." He also said he didn't want to know he might get pulled coming into the game anyway.

"Why go into the game with any other things on your mind?" McNabb said.

Two days later, and it still doesn't look like everyone is on the same page.