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JaMarcus Russell's Agent Says Russell Is In 'Great Cardiovascular Condition'

ESPN 980's Chris Russell just caught up with Ethan Lock, JaMarcus Russell's agent, to discuss the former Oakland quarterback's workout with the Redskins earlier today. Lock said that Russell has been "training very hard," and that no decision on his future has been made yet.

Lock is also obviously is well-aware of Mike Shanahan's language in trying to explain the decision to bench Donovan McNabb. How else do you explain this quote?

"JaMarcus is in great 'cardiovascular condition'. He's runnning [sic.] 3.5 miles every other day." #Redskins    

I wasn't aware that running 3.5 miles every other day was a sign of stepping up one's work ethic, but we are talking about JaMarcus Russell here, so who knows. I know plenty of people who can run 3.5 miles every other day, and they aren't football players. 

Regarding Russell's weight issues, Lock had this to say.

"He's a big guy. He carries a lot of water weight, but he's lost a significant amount." #Redskins

It's hard not to laugh at those quotes. Perhaps Russell is indeed in good shape, but pardon us if we're not convinced.