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Half Smokes Highlights: Two Eras Come Full Circle

Heading into this weekend's game between the Redskins and the Titans, most of the focus will understandably be on Albert Haynesworth. He will be making his first appearance against the team he played with for the first seven seasons of his career. It's anyone's guess how he will perform against a team he's spoken fondly of this week, especially in light of his lackluster performance on Monday night.

As we all focus on no. 92 this weekend, let's take some time to reflect on Haynesworth's rookie year, 2002. That was also the last time the Redskins made the trip to Nashville. The Titans' first round pick was beginning to emerge as a situational play maker while Redskins fans were clamoring to see their first round pick in action.

Against Tennessee, those clamorings were finally answered as Patrick Ramsey took the field for the first time as a Redskin after Danny Wuerrfel was injured early in the game. From there, the game took a bizarre twist.

Now that we have the benefit of hindsight, let's stop and think about just how ridiculous that victory 31-14 victory was.

  • The Titans only lost two games that season and ended up finishing 11-5, going to the AFC Championship before being defeated by the Raiders.
  • Keep in mind, not only the Redskins win on the road, but they won BIG on the road. The Redskins haven't won a game on the road by more than two touchdowns against a team that finished the season with a winning record since that game and the last time they won a game like that before was in 1984.
  • Ramsey completed 20 of his 34 pass attempts and threw for two touchdowns in his debut. His 103.6 passer rating was the fifth highest of his career and higher than all but one of Donovan McNabb's passer ratings this season.
As improbable as all of that was, the most surprising thing about the game was the feeling of hope it gave fans, not only for the present, but the future. I know that sounds preposterous now, considering how terribly everything ended with the Spurrier era and the general feelings of doom and gloom that have surrounded the team for almost twenty years. But as we close out one of the doomiest, gloomiest weeks in Redskins history, just remember, there's been hope in the past; and someday, there will be hope again. Hopefully next time there will be someone better to hope in than Patrick Ramsey.