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Redskins Vs. Titans: Defense Gets an Early Turnover

The Redskins defense has started off this game by doing what they have done best so far this year, which is getting turnovers. 

After a sloppy three an out (a pattern with the Redskins offense) which included another play where Donovan McNabb slipped after receiving the snap,  the Redskins were forced to punt deep in their own territory. Hunter Smith then booted a very short 22 yard yard punt which gave the Titans the ball at the Redskins 34 yard line.

After giving up a 12 yard run to Chris Johnson, it looked like the Titans would be primed for an early score. That's when the defense struck. Vince Young scrambled to his right and it looked like he would gain significant yardage. However, outside linebacker Lorenzo Alexander caught Young from behind and stripped the ball, and the Redskins recover.  

And so the Redskins offense gets a do over from their last offensive possession.