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Redskins Vs. Titans: Tennessee Takes 7-0 Lead On Marc Mariani's 87-Yard Punt Return

The Washington Redskins have given up big plays in a lot of different ways this year. You can add a long punt return to the list. After surviving an awful first possession, the Redskins got bit by a big punt return.

Tennessee Titans punt returner Marc Mariani took a punt back 87 yards for a touchdown, giving Tennessee a 7-0 lead. Mariani bounced the ball to the left sideline, took advantage of a couple blocks and, if we're honest, a couple injured Redskins players and took it to the house. Tennessee added the extra point for the 7-0 lead.

The play was devastating on a number of levels for Washington. For one, they had to repunt after the two teams had offsetting penalties. Tennessee was offsides, but the Redskins had an illegal formation. Then, on the return, starting safety Anderson Russell and starting linebacker Lorenzo Alexander got hurt on the play. It also looked like the Titans got away with an illegal block in the back.

The Redskins must now respond to stay in the game.