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Redskins Vs. Titans: Redskins Respond With a Game Tying Score, 7-7

The Redskins offense has responded to the Titans quick score with a game tying touchdown. 

The offense had a long scoring drive which covered 79 yards on 8 plays. The Redskins offensive line gave running backs Clinton Portis and Keiland Williams room to run, as well as giving Donovan McNabb plenty of protection. That was most evident during the longest play of the drive, which was a 48 yard pass from McNabb to Santana Moss. Rookie Trent Williams was able to contain his man and drive him around the QB, allowing a perfect pocket for McNabb to help him survey the field. McNabb executed the play fake, and found Moss on the right side of the field. After Jeff Fisher challenged the catch,  the play stood up.

The Redskins offense was also able to convert their first third down in two games. On a third and 2 inside the red zone, McNabb found Anthony Armstrong to finally break the dry spell. Two plays later, McNabb was able to find Santana Moss on the left side of the endzone for the tying score. 

Through the first few minutes of this game, the Redskins look like they will not go quietly like they did on Monday night.