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Redskins Vs. Titans: Vince Young Injures Hand, Replaced By Rusty Smith

With all the injuries the Washington Redskins have had, it's surprising that Tennessee hasn't had too many. At least, until now, at the most important position on the field. 

Quarterback Vince Young appeared to injured his throwing hand trying to make a play, and he has been taken out of the game. Backup quarterback Kerry Collins is also hurt, so the Titans have turned to third-stringer Rusty Smith, a sixth-round rookie from Florida Atlantic. No official reason has been given yet for Young's absence, but it appears to be his hand.

Smith's first two passes didn't look all that great. His first pass, on third down, was nearly intercepted by DeAngelo Hall. His second pass was a deep ball to Randy Moss that was caught for a touchdown, but only because Moss committed one of the most egregious pass interference penalties you'll ever see. It appears the Redskins may have caught a break here.