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Colt Brennan Struggling To Recover, Remains Hospitalized

Former Redskins quarterback Colt Brennan remains hospitalized as he continues to recover from injuries suffered while riding as a passenger in a car on a highway in Hawaii yesterday.

Stephen Tsai of the Honolulu Star Advertiser spoke with Colt's father Terry Brennan today, and the report was not very promising.

"He's far from being alert," Terry Brennan said. "There's no real conversation with him other than he acknowledges we're here (with hand gestures). He hasn't been able to speak. He'll moan and groan, and maybe point to his neck brace. It's uncomfortable. They have tubes and IVs. He has not conversed at all."

According to the report, brennan suffered injuries to a lung, four ribs, his left clavicle, his left eye socket, and his checkbone. Brennan was removed from a ventilator yesterday afternoon and remains "heavily sedated".

It's difficult to speculate in situations like these, but one must worry that Brennan's NFL career could be over before it ever really began.