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NFL Standings, Week 11: Redskins Remain Two Games Back In NFC East

Believe it or not, the Redskins are still alive in the NFC East race. Is it likely that they will come back and win the division? No, absolutely not. But they aren't mathematically eliminated, or even really close to it, and that's pretty good considering what happened to this team last year.

The complete standings are as follows:

1. Philadelphia Eagles: 7-3

2. New York Giants: 6-4

3. YOUR Washington Redskins: 5-5

4. Dallas Cowboys: A hilarious 3-7

So as you can see, the Skins are just two games back with six games left to go. The division title probably isn't a realistic possibility for this team, but as I said before, the fact that it can even be mentioned in the same breath as the Redskins at this point in the season is a pretty good accomplishment for the first year of this new regime if you're asking me.