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Morning Commute: Get Ready To See A Different Vikings Team This Weekend

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The Minnesota Vikings aren't a very good football team this year. Actually let me correct that; The Minnesota Vikings haven't played like a very good football team this year. We saw this team make it all the way to the NFC Championship game last year, and they didn't really lose all that much in the offseason. We know they have the talent to be an above average football team this year.

I know that Brett Favre isn't the same guy he was last year. At this point his arm has about the same structural integrity as that little piece of plastic on the end of your shoelace on a sneaker you've had for way too long. But the rest of the team is still there. There's no reason why Adrian Peterson hasn't been the best running back in the NFL behind a pretty solid offensive  line. There's no reason why Jared Allen isn't the same disruptive force from the defensive end spot that he was a year ago. The only explanation is that the team isn't playing up to their ability.

The only explanation that I believe truly makes sense is that the team stopped playing for Brad Childress, or at least that a time came where they stopped listening to what he had to say. I don't think it's just on Brad either. These are professional athletes who can't take their job any less seriously because they don't like the guy they're working for. How many if us actually like our bosses?

Sometimes a coach's message just stops getting through to his audience. Not necessarily an indictment on either party, but there comes a time when both sides just need a change. We saw it in Dallas this year, and I believe we will see a similar situation from the Vikings on Sunday.I don't think they'll switch up a lot of the things they try to do in terms of personal and plan of attack, I just think they'll bring a different level of effort than what we have seen so far this year from them.

They aren't just playing for pride at this point in the season, they're also playing for a guy they like and want to succeed. That can make an awfully big difference in the effort you put forth on the field. I just hope the Redskins are ready for it.

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