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Vikings Vs. Redskins: E.J. Henderson Interception Sets Up Ryan Longwell Field Gaol

Donovan McNabb will be credited with an interception, but not a single person will argue that the turnover was his fault.

Starting from their own 10-yard line, the Redskins set up to mount a tying drive. The drive didn't last long though. McNabb threw the ball to Santana Moss, and hit him right in the numbers. Rather than making the easy catch however, Moss popped the ball up into the air volleyball-set style into a crowd of Vikings players. Linebacker E.J. Henderson came down with the ball, giving Minnesota the ball on Washington's nine-yard line.

Fortunately for the Redskins, the Vikings failed to move the ball any further. The defense held, and Albert Haynesworth even got a sack on Brett Favre, with some help from Andre Carter.

Minnesota inserted kicker Ryan Longwell on fourth down, and he converted the 31-yard attempt to give the Vikings a 17-7 lead entering the fourth quarter.