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Redskins Vs. Vikings: Gano Chips into Vikings Lead, Redskins Trail 17-10

The Redskins have cut into the Vikings lead via a Graham Gano field goal, making the score 17-10.

The offense can thank Brandon Banks, as he was the one responsible for single handedly getting them into field goal range. The electrifying returner took a kickoff 65 yards into Vikings territory, easily putting the Redskins into field goal range. After the offense gained a few yards, Gano was able to hit a 40 yard field goal attempt by sneaking into the left upright. 

The Redskins offense has been ineffective in the second half, gaining just 3 yards in the 3rd quarter. If the Redskins are to come back and tie the game, the offense is going to have to find a way to get it done. While McNabb has played well enough, the offensive line and receivers have not helped him out much since the second half started. Poor pass protection and dropped passes (one that led to an interception) have rendered the offense ineffective.

It will be up to McNabb's supporting cast to help the Skins tie this game.