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Redskins Vs. Vikings: Gano Adds Another Field Goal as Redskins Trail 17-13

The Redskins continue to chip into the Viking lead as Graham Gano hit a 42 yard field goal, cutting the lead to 17-13.

The big play for the Skins on this drive was a 45 yard bomb to Anthony Armstrong. The ball was slightly underthrown so Armstrong had to dive for the catch, instead of running the rest of the way for a sure touchdown. Unfortunately for the Redskins, one play after Armstrong made a great catch, he failed to make a relatively routine catch near the sideline. The catch could have helped set up the Redskins for a 2nd or 3rd and short, but instead Armstrong dropped the pass, which contributed to another missed opportunity for the offense. That set up Graham Gano for the 42 yarder.

While it looks like the Redskins defense is clamping down on the Vikings,  the offense will be counted on to step up inside the red zone. The last two drives they had to settle for field goals when they were in great position to get touchdowns.