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NFL Standings, Week 12: Somehow, The Redskins Are Still Just Two Games Back In The NFC East

The Redskins played a pretty ugly game on Sunday in a loss to the Minnesota Vikings. They couldn't stop Adrian Peterson, or even his backup after they had knocked AD out of the game. It was a painful loss to watch, but it is important to rememebr that it only counts as one loss in the final standings.

Luckily, the team that is leading the NFC East, the Philadelphia Eagles, suffered a loss this weekend as well. That means that even though they lost a game of their own, the Skins are still (inexplicably) two games back in the NFC East. Here are the complete standings.

1. Philadelphia Eagles (because they own the tie breaker as of now over the Giants): 7-4

2. New York Giants: Also 7-4

3. YOUR Washington Redskins: 5-6

4. Dallas Cowboys: 3-8

I'll be the first to admit that the Skins probably don't have much of a chance to win the division, but it is nice that they are still within striking distance so late into the season. That has to count for something, right?