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Terrell Owens Sides With Mike Shanahan. EVERYBODY FREAK OUT!!!

O. M. G everybody, things are about to get INSANE! You all remember how when Terrell Owens and Donovan McNabb were on the same team they didn't get along, like at all. In fact, you could say they just plain don't like each other. Which brings us to his comments on the T.Ocho show.

According to Sean Leahy at USA Today (funny, I didn't think anyone watched that show), T.O. had this to say about Mike Shanahan's decision to pull McNabb in favor of Grossman for the two minute drill.

"He's the head coach, so it has to make sense," Owens said. "Well, this is a situation where Mike Shanahan, he sees these two quarterbacks on an everyday basis. ... So he's had a chance to observe."

Did you hear that everyone?!?!? T.O. done started something.

Well, I'm actually not so sure that is all that bad. Isn't it funny that the first time Owens decides to agree with a coaching move, it's in a way that seems to undermine one of his former teammates? But still, he is saying, "It's Shanahan's team, maybe he knows what is going on." That's not so bad. He also added this.

"Well, I don't really want to start anything, but I did play in the Super Bowl and there were rumors where he couldn't get our two-minute offense going at the end of the game," Owens said, via the AP. "I'm just saying."

This isn't really any worse then the stuff some of McNabb's other teammates have been saying recently. Maybe I was just ready to make it out to be worse then it was because of their history together. If he wanted to be more negative and aggressive, I'm sure he could have. This isn't really a jab so much as it is a poke.

Maybe I just wanted it to be worse then it was because I'm a sucker for controversy. But I think the only reason people are making a big deal out of this is because he said it on a national t.v. show, and he has some history with him. What Tim Hasselbeck said was worst, but because he looks so bald and frail it goes by without too much of a scuttlebutt.

Ochocino went on to say that anyone who thinks that Grossman is a better two-minute quarterback then Donovan McNabb should, "slap themselves." I agree with that. But just because Owens is choosing to side with Shanahan on this one, doesn't mean he set the world on fire. This is just proving to be an overly touchy subject on all sides.