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Morning Commute: The Redskins Were Smart To Pass On Randy Moss (Maybe)

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Randy Moss went all the way through waivers and only received one claim, from the Tennessee Titans, the team he was ultimately rewarded to. For a while there it looked like the Redskins might have had some interest in bringing Moss on board, but like the other 30 teams in the NFL, they decided to pass.

I would never claim to know more about personnel decisions then somebody who gets paid a good amount to do so, so I'm just going to present the pros and cons.

When somebody as talented as Randy Moss is available and all you have to do is say yes please, it's something you have to strongly consider. We know the type of player that Moss can be when he is interested. He is probably the best combination of size and speed ever to play in the NFL. Every single one of the WRs on the Redskins roster is shorter then I am, and I'm not a very big guy.

But the key phrase in that paragraph is "when he is interested." There is a reason that Moss will be playing on his third team in just over a month. His talent is undeniable, but he seems to wear out his welcome everywhere he goes; and recently he's been doing that much faster then he had in the past. He's on the wrong side of 30 and clearly doesn't have the same type of physical tools he had when he was younger, and this just doesn't seem like the type of guy who will age gracefully.

Let's face it, the Redskins already have plenty of distractions on their roster. Albert Haynesworth has played well recently, but that situation could unravel at any moment; and do I need to even mention the Donovan McNabb benching? This is just not a roster that needs a player that could be another distraction.

This is not the kind of offense you want to bring Randy Moss into. McNabb might be able to get him the ball on occasion, but not nearly enough to prevent him from losing it. It would have been a calculated risk to bring him on board. The Redskins decided it wasn't worth the potential headache, and I tend to agree with them.

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