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Report: Redskins Scouting Elite College Quarterbacks

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Scouting is an important part of building a franchise. Good scouts means a good draft which translates to good depth all over the roster. There are so many NFL caliber players on Division I caliber rosters that there is no way to know who the scouts are in attendance to see. It's a normal part of the NFL season and it happens every year. Having said that ...

The Redskins had scouts in attendance last week to watch the game between Stanford and Washington, teams that have arguably the top two quarterbacks who are eligible for the upcoming draft, according to Peter King.

The Redskins were among the teams that scouted the Washington-Stanford game Saturday in Seattle. I don't want to make too much of that, but with Andrew Luck and Jake Locker as first-round prospects, it's interesting, and perhaps telling (perhaps, I stress), that a team with Donovan McNabb in-house would be scouting a game with two quarterbacks likely to go high in the April draft.
I'm glad King made a point to stress how this doesn't say anything concrete about the Redskins' plans regarding Donovan McNabb. This is just a team doing their due diligence, and if they have an opportunity to take one of these players they have to at least consider it; whether McNabb is on the roster or not.

The Redskins have taken a look at a lot of high profile quarterbacks recently (be they collegiate or professional bust), and that seems to indicate that they have a want to upgrade that position. But it is important to remember that this is just a team doing their homework, and it doesn't say anything definite about the future. But it sure is interesting.