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Wade Phillips Reportedly Fired By Cowboys: Does This Make You Happy, Or Sad?

In our ongoing reminder that things could always be worse, Redskins fans, we present to you ... the Dallas Cowboys! Last night, they got walloped by the Green Bay Packers to drop to 1-7, and now, they have reportedly fired coach Wade Phillips. Offensive coordinator Jason Garrett will assume the head coaching duties in the meantime. Clearly, the Cowboys are going through the kind of struggles the Redskins went through last year, as Hogs Haven notes.


I watched every minute of last night's game, and it was probably more enjoyable than anything the Redskins have done this year. I even enjoyed it more than Week 1, because that game went down to the wire and wasn't won at the end. To see the Cowboys mess up so badly, and to see the looks on their faces, was just amazing.


But now that Wade Phillips is gone, this begs a different question. In lieu of a hypothetical, I figured I'd throw this one out there.


Are you happy or sad that Wade Phillips has been fired by the Cowboys? Are you happy that the Cowboys were forced to do this, or sad because it means they can't get any worse?