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NFL Power Rankings, Week 10: Redskins Fall To 19th

The last few weeks have been trying for the Redskins. The benching of Donovan McNabb, the resulting loss to the Lions, and the aftermath that has ensued. If we thought things were going pretty well when the Skins were 4-3, things look a lot worse now that they are 4-4. It was jsut one game, but there seems to be a different feel around this team. And the SB NFL Power Rankings has picked up on it.

After they went to 4-3 the Skins came in at 13th, very respectable considering the way they came into the season. But just one loss and a bye week later, the Skins now rank 19th. They also provide a reminder of the unpleasant things to come.

We'll find out very soon who the Redskins are. They've got games against the Eagles and Titans coming up and still have to play the Giants twice.

Wowza. That is not an easy schedule coming up for a team that is reeling. But as I often like to do to make myself feel better int times like these, I decided to scroll up the page a little bit to check in on where the Cowboys placed. Their turmoil is much worse then the Skins, and SB Nation has them at 31st, the second worst team in the NFL. And that makes me feel a little bit better.